Saturday, May 28, 2011

puppy bed for my baby penelope

last night i finally got down to making a bed for penny. i picked her up this morning and she is sleeping on her bed as i type this =D

i cut 2 pieces for the top and bottom, and 5 to cover the sides and make an opening.
(size will depend on the type of pup you have of course. cut your foam squaes first and get your dimensions from there)

sewed it all together using french seams and cut 2 squares from a foam mattress pad

i added some velcro for closure

and the sides wrap around to seal with more velcro as well

here is a close up of the awesome fabric i used! i loooooove this fabric!

and my sweet baby penny enjoying a teething bone on her new bed

my day has been crazy aquainting thea and penny! i am more than ready for bed. penny is a crate next to me and i have my flip flops in case we have a puppy pee pee emergency at night.

sweet dreams!
-Lily Bean, Theodora and Penelope

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