Monday, May 23, 2011


oh my goodness! has it really been a whole week of silence for me?
a whole week with no activity...
i am sew off schedule!
i do apologize for lack of creativity this week
i have been dealing with some personal issues and haven't had time or the drive to sew until tonight
i did finish another purse (finally!) for my friend's birthday. after I have sent it i will post pictures

sew that leaves 7 days till school starts... i dont think i will be able to make a new dress... maybe a recon tishirt one. and tomorrow i will wash the fabric for penny's bed and my daddy's tie...

hoping for some normalcy and crafting time asap!

now off for some milk and cookies =D
*Lily Bean*


  1. I am hoping for some normalcy, too, doll. ^_^ Hugs!

  2. xoxoxox meg thanks <3
    hope things even out for you too