Sunday, March 4, 2012

im a busy, busy girl on my way to becoming an educated lady

hi there! holy cow have i ever had a busy week! i have no one to blame but myself!
master proscrastinator extraordinaire!
anyhow, i finally took my placement test for english courses on tuesday since i needed to be scored by registration thursday. i also went to see my counselor wednesday or i would not be able to register on thursday without seeing her. i have known i would need to do these things for months... leave it to me to wait until the day before
well i have never been happier to see my counselor until this past week! she gave me great news! i am eligible for ranking this june! that means if i complete the laundry list of things she gave me, i start the program classes this fall and will graduate with my RHIT degree june 2014
that saves a year of my life! that also means i will be swamped for the next 2 years. i am trying to look ahead to figure when i will get some me-time in between working and school. i know it will all be worth it!

i am only a few weeks away from starting my saturday sewing classes. i cannot wait! i am still trying to figure out which pattern i should take to class. i want it to be simple but still have techniques i can learn from the teacher.
that will open an amazing world for me! and i will be able to really start hitting my 2012 projects.

i cannot wait to start spring cleaning the heck out of my house! i really have some cabin fever from winter blues. i want not only to clean and tidy things up... but really organize and decide what i want to keep and what is really just gathering dust. with life starting to move so fast i feel myself growing and changing as a person. some things just dont feel that important anymore and i could use my space much better.

in the crafting world, i have a few projects i am working on
  • a care package for my pregnant friend and her 2 year old little girl
  • teesha moore packages for a personal swap long overdue
  • penny's winter sweater... for next year at this point lol
  • a few more knit caps for my friend and her mom who have just lost their tresses in a battle against breast cancer
  • a few pillowcases (im hoping at least 10) for ConKerr which has a drop off in my city.
  • i would like to make myself a few pillbox hats and fascinators

as you can see i have my plate full. i always need to bite off more than i can chew or i will just be bored. i have always worked best in controlled chaos.

so here is to the next 2 years... if i can just get through the next 2 months first hahaha

wish me luck!
all my love, xoxoxox
Lily Bean

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