Thursday, March 22, 2012

new curtains, fabric bookmarks, and sleeping pups

Hey there!
my goodness... here i am blogging at midnight on a work day. why? because i took a nap when i got off work and didnt wake until 10pm. holy smokes right!

so in an effort to get sleepy very fast, i came to my computer screen

i have been making a few things lately, they are all for a dear friend of mine and i wont post until the package is done and she receives it.

for myself i have made 2 pillbox hats. and i am so in love with them! they are fun and easy to make and wear! i am planning a tutorial for you all =D maybe i can do that this weekend
(start saving your cereal boxes)

i went spring-cleaning-crazy last week and decided a door needed some new privacy curtains. The room is painted a light greenish-blue so i went with this green owl fabric and blue ruffles.
 arent the owls adorable!

i had mentioned joining a bookmark swap before. all 4 of the bookmarks i sent have been received. here they are, front and back:
this one went to a girl in Germany who loves zombies and bunnies

this one went to a lady in Seattle who loves nautical themes. i got the idea for latitude and longitude off her pinterest account 
this one went to a girl in Virginia who is obsessed with Harry Potter and loves sea turtles
 this one went to a girl in Mexico who loves kawaii. i got this naked cupcake image off her pinterest. i just fell in love with it!

Tomorrow i will call the sewing center and find out if my class starts this Saturday or next. I have to double check that I have all i need on my list. Feel free to drop your opinion and help me pick a commercial pattern to use to make my first dress.

well, thankfully now i am sleepy again. i may still need to put on The Land Before Time to have the narrator "read me a bed time story". Works every time! ive seen that movie about a million times so i can watch it even with my eyes closed
my puppies are already fast asleep... time for me to join them

good night my lovelies!
Lily Bean

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