Wednesday, March 28, 2012

feeling jitters as i prepare for my sewing class, seeking pin-up inspiration

Hey there! My sewing with commercial patterns class officially starts this Saturday.
In 5 weeks I will have a new dress that I made!
This will open such a HUGE world for me and I can really attack my 2012 projects.
I have 65 clothing patterns... all of which have more than 1 view that I can't wait to make
I can finally follow through with my New Year's Resolution
I really feel like this class is the beginning of a new me
a more mature me
a more glamorous me
a more feminine me

I was gathering my supplies from the list needed for my class
 pattern ... check
hook and eyes ... check
fabric ... check
tracing paper ... check
tracing wheel ... check
hem gauge ... check
fabric pencils ... check
measuring tape ... check
scissors ... check
seam ripper ... check
pin cushion full of pins ... check
14" zipper ... well, i will buy that tomorrow because the ones i have are pink and blue

I was feeling a bit nervous so I turned to my "Great American Pin-Up" book to get inspired right now. This is my favorite coffee-table read. Problem is I haven't actually read anything besides captions... I always flip through pictures looking at shoes, clothes, hair, make-up, and poses. I decided I really want to read up the history in this book. If only I can pencil it into my schedule...
 I took some pictures of some images that i found inspiring. These are all pre-World War 2.
The romper this model is wearing has geisha's. SO CUTE!
 I am in love with this model's hair and make-up. She has gorgeous features
 Look at this beautiful dress! And the model's pin curls are perfect, not to mention her graceful pose.
 I just adore the hat this model is wearing.
 This dress this model is wearing is so glamorous. And she looks like such a strong, seductive woman. All while remaining feminine. 
 These are all post-World War 2.
Just look at this gorgeous smile! This model looks so playful and super sweet.
 What a fun bathing suit! The one thing that stuck out most to me from this image... how beautiful her body is. I love how voluptuous her body is. These days it is all skin and bones. I think us woman are so much sexier with real curves. What happened?
 I love the star pillow behind this patriotic image. And another model with a gorgeous smile.
 I am absolutely in love with this model's hair! And her dress is amazing! Beautiful all around
 When I look at this dress I am reminded of a mermaid.
I am so jealous of this era. One where ladies were ladies and men were gentlemen. Where it was all about glamour and beauty without being trashy.

I seek to make my own wardrobe to fit my love of times like these.
I will share more photos next time I flip through.
Do you have any favorite era?

Wish me luck this Saturday!
Lily Bean
p.s. Today is my Bempa's 84th birthday
Happy birthday to the greatest grandpa a girl could ever dream of


  1. Aw, happy birthday, Bempa!

    That pin-up book looks so cool! I would just flip through it and look at the pictures, too.

  2. Thanks for following Rock Paper Scissors Create! I'm following you back, can't wait to see all your sewing projects! As you may have noticed, I'm completely NEW to sewing, but it's VERY addicting when you make an article of clothing or something that you didn't have to go out & BUY; you just MADE it...I love it too, hoping after some practice I can get pretty good as well:)

    1. hi shannon <3 thanks for returning the love
      sewing is very addictive indeed! good luck on your venture. i dont know much but i love to share anything i do know