Saturday, March 10, 2012


Francesca Lia Block is my all time favorite author!
(i actually have this picture framed in my room lol)

She is currently in danger of losing her home and in a terrible situation due to Bank of America.
They were more than happy to be bailed out by America, but will not help good upstanding customers!
Shame on you BofA!
Francesca asks that we just help spread the word, in hopes that she may finally get the attention of the right people and get helped, along with all the other customers who have never been late and are struggling after the market crash.

My heart breaks for her and her situation, as well as for those millions of people in the same boat.
I have personally met her twice and can tell you, she is a beautiful soul! (Met once at a reading at Barnes and Noble - Huntington Beach, CA and once at Festival of Books - UCLA)

Please help spread the word on your blog or social media sites.
Thank you
with love!
Lily Bean
(p.s. i look so goofy ini the last pic... caught in saying something lol. but i love how FLB looks. She was so much fun to talk to! and i was so excited!)

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