Sunday, March 4, 2012

meat and potatoes kind of girl

hello again! i am super happy with my meals this weekend. i havent been able to pick a recipe and shop for all ingredients because i am saving every penny until i know how much school will cost. but i have been better at making a meal with what i have.
goes to show my confidence is rising in the kitchen
i would like to start with my top sirloin steak meal from today:
 i got the steak super cheap yesterday and it was big enough to feed 3 adults
i made my rub using
1 tbspn garlic powder
1 tbspn celery salt
1 tbspn oregano
and 1 tsp pepper
 i have the rub i made on the left, steak in the middle (ignore the onion in the tupperware, i didn't use it lol) and a asparagus stir fry frozen veggie mix thawed in the fridge overnight.
 first i took 2 tbspn from the rub i made and put them in a gallon size ziploc bag. i used the rest of the rub, massaging well into both sides of the steak. pop it in the broiler set to 375. (i have a flavor wave oven and used that instead.) let it cook for 6 mins.
 there was a pinch or 2 of rub left over which i left in the bowl and added 2 tbspn of butter. pop that in the microwave for 15 secs or so to melt. you will use this to butter your steak when its ready to be flipped
 while you wait for your steak, grab that ziploc bag with the rub. drain any water content from your veggies and put them in the bag. give a good shake. pour in a splash of olive oil and shake again to ensure coverage.
 lay your veggies on a cookie tray and pop in the oven for about 10 mins
 it's time to flip your meat. brush your butter on the top side then flip it over. cook for 8-10 mins more, depending on how well you like your steak. i prefer med-well
oh baby! i am getting hungry all over again just typing this up. i served the steak and veggies with some left over mashed potatoes.
 saturday i made a ground beef mix with a pound of beef, potatoes, tomato and onion.
 chop all your veggies up
 brown your meat with some salt and pepper. once its mostly cooked you can add your veggies. i also sprinkled some garlic powder in. do not drain the oil. if you are like me you will have to fight the urge not to, but it will be what cooks the veggies.
 cover and simmer for about an hour or until potatoes are cooked stirring every 20 mins or so. this will be great as a burrito! i served mine with some grated cheddar cheese.

for dessert this week i made brownies and pink lemonade cookies.
they didnt make it past 24 hrs! guess ill need to bake up some cupcakes =P
 these were some of the greatest cookies i have ever eaten! i will be stocking up in case they are only for spring... anyone know of a good recipe from scratch? i must find one

thing i learned:
  • as much as i love oregano it may be too strong when baked
  • when there's emotional eaters in the home, bake even more than just extra lol
sugar and spice and everything nice!
Lily B. Homemaker

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