Monday, July 22, 2013

Good News and a Skull-tastic Sundress (New Look A6093)

Hello everyone!
Well, what would you like first... the good news or the great news?


Okay, the good news is I finally got to sew this weekend!! I made 1 dress and started another.
I completed New Look A6093 in view B.

 photo 101_5719_zps63c8c853.jpg

I love it, but I'm not sure the pattern is made for my proportions... let's just say next time I make this I will shorten the waist line a bit to give my bum  bit more room. I have a small zipper bulge on the back of this dress because my booty won't allow the dress to sit as low as it is supposed to. I regret not making a muslin for the proper fit before using this material... but I have no patience and need instant gratification haha.
No worries though, the untrained eye doesn't see what I see wrong =P I wore it with pride today and still felt super cute!

 photo 101_5722_zps7dd9a3b4.jpg

I love the details on the bust line. I actually started to make this dress in View B with the short sleeves but as I kept trying it on I fell in love with it sleeveless and cut the facings out from one sleeve.

 photo 101_5724_zpsb403ab81.jpg

 photo 101_5718_zps27ca44ab.jpg

okay, now for the great news:
my "Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information Management" class is OVER!!!
Can you believe the final exam had 365 questions!!
But I studied until my brain was fried and it paid off!
I only missed 25 questions and got a 93% A

I was seriously exhausted after that final. I was off from work (thankfully!!) so I came home, changed to my jammies, and passed out for a 3 hour nap

I wont have the final class grade until tomorrow though.

Well, I am off to exercise my pooches and do some homework.
I have yet to add the buttons to my shirt dress... I think that will wait another 2 weeks until my evening class is over.

Lily Bean
(10 months until grad!!)

 photo 101_5720_zps557ceff0.jpg
I got a new tattoo last week... I will share more when I get the pictures emailed to me by my kid brother... hopefully within the month haha

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  1. I love that dress1 You always have such cute fabrics.
    These next ten months are going to fly by!!