Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hair Flair and an Award

Hello my pretties!
Summer session is officially over and I have 3 weeks to enjoy before Fall kicks in to gear.
I wanted to finish my "Jane of the Jungle" dress (which I started right after the skulltastic dress was finished), but I have no more interfacing! A trip to Joanns is on my to-do list. I plan on starting a skirt in the meantime.. one which requires no interfacing or zippers.

Today I crafted up some new hair flowers. My! How I missed my glue gun!
This first one is my favorite! Who wouldn't love pink leopard with cherries?!?

 photo 101_5746_zps6214167a.jpg
This flower is very fun, with a cupcake in the center.
 photo 101_5737_zps89dfbd3a.jpg
A bold, red flower with a skull and crossbones is perfect to match half of my outfits.
 photo 101_5738_zpsfd2ad127.jpg

This under the sea mermaid flower makes me happy

 photo 101_5739_zps84060bd4.jpg
This one says "rock star"
 photo 101_5741_zpsacea1a11.jpg

I love the contrast of such a girlie flower with the skull and cross bones

 photo 101_5743_zps0cd1b5a5.jpg
Another pink leopard one, this time with a white star.
 photo 101_5747_zps87400be3.jpg
I also made a few pieces from some felt. This heart one is so sweet.
 photo 101_5748_zps50f34716.jpg
And these two adorable little minis...
 photo 101_5749_zps556b1815.jpg

It always feels good to get back in the crafting game.
Sweet Shelly Bean over at "Follow Me Home" nominated me for another blog award back in early June.
 photo awesome-1_zps41b04e38.jpg

The award is the "epically awesome award of epic awesomness". I will have to take some time to do a post just addressing the award and passing it on to my fellow bloggers.
Thanks again Shelly! I appreciate all your kind words.
I will try to write again on Tuesday.
Tomorrow in my birthday so I expect to be busy.
I will be 27.
That is 3 cubed
(For all you non-Math geeks out there, that is 3x3x3)
I will be 3 years away from my third decade.
 I expect number 3 to be lucky for this year.
Let's see what it holds!
Lily Bean
 (Here with my sister at the Border Beer and Wing Fling last night)
 photo 83133_zps0889ffa4.jpg

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