Saturday, August 24, 2013

Animal at Heart (Simplicity 4127 View B) and a few Pirate Tattoos

I was busting out a new wardrobe when I wasn't sleeping like a bear during my semester break.
I finally made a successful blouse from a pattern.
 photo 101_5827_zps67192596.jpg
It is Simplicity 4127 in View B
I chose not to add ribbon trim to the straps for this shirt.
Maybe next time...
 photo 101_5821_zps35bbb31a.jpg

 I am happy with my choice in keeping this shirt plain. I love the giraffe print and think it is loud enough without trimmings.
Super easy construction and no problems at all
Unless you include the fact that I was sewing past my bedtime and didn't realize I had no more thread in my bobbin haha
 photo 101_5828_zps7f09672f.jpg

I'm not sure if you remember me mentioning a new tattoo a few posts back...
Well I am finally posting proper pictures.
Me and my kid brother have always talked about matching pirate tattoos... since before either of us was even legal to get inked.
When my family came to town 2 weeks before my birthday I asked my dad to buy me some ink for my gift. It took some begging and convincing but my brother got my mom to agree. That kid can get anything he wants from mommy hahaha. Worked to my advantage this time. I have been in love with pirates since I was a child. The Halloween where I was 8 and Tony was 3, we were both pirates. I think we both fell in love with our costumes. (I wish I had a picture of us, we were pretty cool little pirates)

 photo 1_zps8dfa00bc.jpg

 We did not use the same artist because we wanted to be tatted at the same time.
It was all part of the bonding moment.
Here is my baby brother getting started.
This was his 4th tattoo but first professional and proper one
When he was younger he pierced his own ears multiple times and I was the one who took him for his first professional ear piercing too
I am a pretty awesome big sister who always puts cleanliness and safety first.

 photo 2_zps55ab5080.jpg
I have an appointment to get new ink today at 1
Wish me luck! This may be my biggest piece to sit for on my upper arm (so far)
Lily Bean
 photo 7_zpsb3ba763d.jpg

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