Friday, August 23, 2013

Gingham Style (New Look 6457 View B)

Hey there! Forgive the silly pun in the title.. I couldn't resist =P
I have had the New Look 6457 pattern for years!
It is probably one of the first 5 patterns I ever purchased.
I tried making this dress once before I knew how to measure myself and read a pattern:
complete fail!
Now that I have a bit more knowledge and experience I was able to put it together proper.
I am feeling pretty adorable in it!!
 photo 101_5808_zps012ad226.jpg

I decided to try view B and wanted to make it exactly like the gingham sketch. I love gingham and have always wanted a dress made in red gingham. This was my first time using piping. I was worried it wouldn't turn out good but I didn't have any of the trouble I anticipated with the piping...

 photo 101_5804_zps48ea3724.jpg

... I did however have a HUGE fight with the elastic and casing.
A fight lasting hours
I lost 2 safety pins in the battle
I am not sure what went wrong. I followed the directions and everything seemed great until I started trying to feed the elastic in. I practically ruined the interfacing in some areas and ended up ripping a few seams from the casing so I can manually feed the elastic from outside the dress.

 photo 101_5810_zps36abc55a.jpg
Had I not  had the fight with the elastic, I am positive I could have finished this dress in under 2 hours. The rest of the construction was easy peasy for me.
All in all I am pleased with the dress and have no regrets
However I don't see a round 2 for this one... not in the same view at least
maybe in a halter with no elastic needed.
Any tips on getting elastic in?
Lily Bean

 photo 101_5809_zps6eeafea1.jpg


  1. I have no tips for elastic, but I think your dress looks fabulous on you! :-) I love punny titles, too.

  2. What size did you end up using???? I read another comments and someone else said (on a different site) that the pattern runs big..... is this true? Thanks! The dress looks awesome and can't wait to make it!