Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wild Woman Dress (Simplicity 2444 with Cape Collar)

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Hello guys and dolls! I finally did it! I picked a pattern to make my graduation dress!
It is Simplicity 2444 with the cape collar
 photo 101_5822_zpse17c467b.jpg

Here are a few shots a different angles to show how great it fits 

 photo 101_5830_zpsb2e91b32.jpg

 photo 101_5831_zpsbbe104e8.jpg

 photo 101_5832_zps2f0028ce.jpg

 photo 101_5834_zps266febe3.jpg

and here are the details which define why I fell in love with the pattern.
The cape collar is adorable for one. It is what attracted me to the pattern.

 photo 101_5836_zpsd9af691c.jpg

The bodice front has 4 darts and the front skirt has 6 pleats
A bit hard to see with my wild woman fabric, but trust me! this dress has great lines!

 photo 101_5837_zps31d8c238.jpg

The back bodice has 2 darts and the back skirt has 6 pleats as well.

 photo 101_5838_zpsef991f10.jpg

And the best thing ever!!
I will have pockets to keep some lip stick and my cell with me all during grad

 photo 101_5839_zps0efc9d5e.jpg

I have 4 months to decide on the fabric because I will need to sew it up next semester break.
That will be my last semester break ever!!
Right now I am thinking I will get polka dot fabric and make the collar the color of the dots
Besides graduation, I plan on making more of this pattern simply because I have fallen in love with the fit and the look. There will most definitely be a nautical one in my future!
What are your thoughts?
Lily Bean

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