Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness: a reason to SMILE

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Hello there my pretties. So I am finally ready to address this epically awesome award passed on to me from Shelly over at Follow Me Home. 2.5 months late is better than never haha

The Rules for accepting this award are:
1. Accept the award! A huge thanks to Shelly! Thanks for thinking of me on this one =)
2. Post the award and link back to the person who gave it to you.
3. Give ten facts about yourself.
4. Award some other bloggers .
Now for 10 facts about me:
1. I was terrified of dogs until a few weeks after having Theodora melt my fear
2. I am so scared of needles that when I need a blood draw or shot at the very least I start to sweat and my heart goes crazy. At my worst I have passed out and lost my stomach.
3. I am a middle child and firmly believe in middle child syndrome.
4. I was a teenage runaway and high school drop out. I cleaned up my life very quickly with the help of loved ones and managed to get my high school diploma faster than if I would have stayed in school.
5. I played baseball since I was 4 and moved into softball when I grew out of peewees. Baseball is my happy place. I was a catcher and center fielder
6. I love listening to Glenn Miller, The Andrew Sisters, and Sinatra
7. I grew up listening to rap and moved to rock when I was introduced to No Doubt when I was 10. I immediately wanted to be like Gwen Stefani and she is still one of my heroes
8. I enjoy going to the shooting range
9. I have always had professional jobs and been in the medical field since I was 16... unless you count the one time I took a part time position in a sandwich shop just to see what it was like to have a normal kid job.
10. I was in a belly dancing class once and would love to pick it back up when I have time (9 months left for graduation)
When I think of blogs I follow that are epically awesome, I think of:
Kalandra Jane (I love everything she makes! Adorable hats)
Solanah (she has the greatest sense of style and always looks great)
Reyna (wonderful new mom who is still managing to sew beautiful pieces and go to school)
Debi (I am so inspired by her vintage sewing skills)
Kitty (*fingers crossed* that you have great news about the bar exam, and congrats on your wedding)
Thank you all for your epically awesome posts that inspire and entertain!
I was paper crafting the other day because I needed a small reminder to help me get through the hard days of these next 2 semesters. I framed "SMILE" with scrapbook paper I got at Hobby Lobby at 6/$1, frames from the Dollar Tree, and foam sheets I had lying around.
 I love how it came out but can't decide just where to hang it on my wall hahaha 
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I have 3 dresses and 1 shirt to share with you all! Stay tuned
Oh! and before I forget... I got an A in my Coding class last semester! Hurray for straight As and keeping that 4.0
Lily Bean
(here with my paper chain graduation countdown which is only 9 months short now!!)
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  1. Epically awesome! Thanks for the award! How fun! I love Gwen Stefanie too!:-)