Monday, December 19, 2011

5 days left until Christmas... =/

holy smokes... only 5 days left until Christmas
i regret every moment of procrastination! but, as you all know, these last few months have been a bit overwhelming so my loved ones understand. i already warned my family that is out of state that my gifts will not be shipped until after Christmas

i have discovered that making the ties is not as hard as i had expected, but pretty time consuming... i have 4 already about half way done. i have decided to put those aside and wrap up my twins gift (i won't write what in case she peeks. but i promise you will have pix after) and 4 more kitchen sets. all that should take 2-3 days taking my working day into consideration. then i will have all local gifts complete in time.

i am crashing hard now and am ready to fall over asleep
have a good night my lovelies
isn't this cookie almost too cute to eat
muah ha ha ha

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