Sunday, December 18, 2011

last minute christmas crafting =P

i have been a busy bee with so many things going on this time of year
for starters, i have been more than obsessed with researching all things vintage preparing myself for my personal challenge and New Years Resolution. i have looked up all things hair, make-up, and clothing from my favorite decades. i do enjoy the 20s, 30s, 60s, and 70s but i am obsessed with the 40s and 50s

i almost have my room in order from all the recent changes ive made and i rather like the way it is coming together. i will snap some pix when i feel i have it under control.

and of course, there is Christmas coming... already a week away! eeek!
i have decided all ladies get kitchen sets and all guys get ties.
i have yet to cut fabric for the ties, im terrible, i know. i was so ready to make them, just got itimidated for some reason... either way i have a week to bust out 6 ties. (wish me luck)
i did make tons of kitchen sets but sold some at the sale i just had. i need to make 4 more. i have everything cut i just need to run by Joanns for the heat resistant filling (tomorrow).

so here are some pix for your viewing pleasure of kitchen sets, wallets, and hairbows ive recently made:

its hard to pic a favorite, but i am partial to the watermelon potholders and nautical wallet myself
do you have a fave?

<3 LB