Wednesday, April 4, 2012

i am a scared but brave momma

hey everyone! its' 545 in the morning...
i have been up since about 3 with my baby thea
as most of you know i have 2 pups that are my babies. thea had an allergic reaction tonight and it was my first trip to the emergency vet.
she was asleep in my uncle's room and had woken him up because she was salivating and bopping at "something" in her mouth
he came to get me and when i looked i could not believe the size of her tongue! i immediately gave her 25mg benadryl (i could not even close her mouth proper to get her to swallow but she managed somehow) and flew to the vet. yes, i flew... there was no driving involved. i grabbed a sweater but i didnt even feel the cold because my adrenaline was pumping.
i wanted to just cry and panic but i knew that would not help my baby love
so i grabbed every bit of bravery i have and handled it.
the vet said looks like she was stung by a bug. they gave her a bit more benadryl and a steroid for the swelling. she said it was caught in time that she should be fine by late morning
she is sleeping next to me now and already looks a bit better
her tongue should be noticeably smaller by morning and once the swelling is completely down she can eat again.
my poor, sweet baby!
she gave me such a scare! i am glad she is going to be okay.
now that my adrenaline has dropped i am freezing and hungry
(i am such an emotional eater)
i have been trying to get some sleep but had not realxed enough... i think blogging has helped though.
i wanted to share some of my favorite pix with you of my theadora <3

this is the first day she came to my house, her second bath lol (she was one dirty baby). i made her a mohawk
 after her bath i wrapped her up and she fell right to sleep
such a good girl
 just look at that little face. the vet guessed she was about 8 weeks
am i ever glad she picked my house to wander into
and no one claimed her so she was mine
 here she is giving momma kisses
 i love this picture because it looks like she is laughing
 my love with a new toy

my animals mean the world to me
i am glad she will be okay
now if momma can just get some sleep...

Lily Bean

Penny was so distraught and nervous! these pups are so bonded and take care of each other. shes happy to see thea home safe and now shes sleeping sound
they are good sisters

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