Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hair Flair for the FleaMarket and Fair

howdy! tonight I got to work and sewed up some headbands to sell at the I10 FleaMarket and Fair.
i think i counted 24 when I was finished. i still have more cut to sew up tomorrow if I have time.
some photos from beginning as strips to ending as headbands...

 pinned and ready to be sewn
 sewn and ironed with seam flattened in the center
 turned and ironed flat

 hanging by a thread
 i made some child size: approx 17 inches at rest and stretch to approx 20 inches
 and i made some adult size: approx 21 inches at rest and stretch to approx 24 inches
i am more than pleased with how these turned out!
can't wait to debut them this weekend

tomorrow i will be sewing up a little girl's apron and little boy's apron
both special orders

as well as reconning a t-shirt for my swap meet neighbor
i am working on an apron tutorial as i sew this girl one up

till next time
Lily Bean

it is so GREAT to be out of school... even if there's only 2 weeks left
i will squeeze in all the crafting and blogging i can!


  1. Wow... you've been busy. Love the fabrics and have a great market day!