Friday, May 25, 2012

Shopping finds brings inspiration to craft

hey! i scored some good deals and fun items while shopping around.

dont you hate when you are "just going to the store for 2 things... ONLY 2 THINGS!" and come back with bags of other stuff... i hate it too. but i can never pass up a great deal. and i happened to run into a few this week. for the first time ever (that i have seen at least) walmart had all red tag clearance items store wide for an additional 50% off!
so here i share with you my bounty:

I have been wanting to make the perfect doggie treat jar for some time now but have never found a jar that "feels right" for the job. all the ones i have seen were too small, too expensive, or didnt seal well. and whats the point of getting a food storage jar if it doesnt seal well. especially since the texan summer brings out buggies in full force!

Well as i was just killing some time browsing around big lots i found this jar which just SCREAMED doggie jar to me. it seals so good it is actually a bit hard to open. it is (as you can see) a good size. it is thick glass (anchor brand). and best of all:
it only cost $5
i grabbed it up real quick! im even debating of checking back for some more because i like it so much.
as soon as i took it out of the bag the pups inspected it... i sure they knew it was meant for their goodies

walmart had a bunch of ribbons and trims on clearance for $1. i filled my arms with cute ribbons and then realized i still have a TON of ribbon that i haven't used. so i only grabbed these trim and thin black rick rack.

at big lots i found 3 bottles of green and 1 bottle of pink fabric paint as well as 1 green puffy paint all 4oz and all for $1 each. i cant wait to start playing with fabric paint!

 i have been wanting to make a dry erase board from picture frames since i have seen it all over pinterest... but i dont have any good unused picture frames at home and all the ones for sale were too expensive for this project. i came by this one at walmart for $3 and thought id give it a go. i will be going back for 1 more now that i know i love it!
(i want to make one for the kitchen with: "wants, needs, and on sale" to help keep my grocery list updated and organized for my monetary availability.

i saw this courduroy print in colorful elephants and light paisley pattern for $2 a yard at walmart. i could already picture a cute vest! so i grabbed 1.5 yards because i just know i will want to make something else with it

as you may already know, i am a bit button obsessed. walmart had these bags on clearance for $1 each. i snagged up 2 princess themed, some minis, and some pretty colors

and i got these little individual buttons for dirt cheap! they will make adorable rings!

here is my super cute upcycled picture frame dry erase board. it is hanging conveniently over my desk. i hope it helps me keep organized because my work and school life is about to kick into super high gear!

and here are some pics of the 4 individual sides of my doggie treat jar:
my pups react to the word "snack". i have always used that instead of treat. you should hear them come running from all ends of the house when i say the "S" word

the left side belongs to thea. it has a sun because she has always been my sunshine (i do sing "you are my sunshine" to her often).

the back side says PAWS OFF... im sure i do not need to explain lol

and the right side belongs to penny. she has a bat because she has always been my "fatty batty". when i had barely brought her home she was a roly poly! (just like roly form 101 dalmations) and when her ears go up and fangs come out she looks like a bat lol...

still trying to picture penelope the bat??
here you go
my fatty batty

now to get ready for a new fleamarket adventure tomorrow...
sunkissed lily bean

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