Thursday, May 10, 2012

next patch on my sleeve

Hi everyone! So i am FINALLY done with this semester!
hip hip... HOORAY!
hip hip.... HOORAY!
somehow it flew and i was so busy! i know it is only going to get worse as every semester brings me closer to graduation
i have already submitted all requirements to start the official degree program classes this fall

well, i have sewn a few things but have forgotten to take pix *blushes* i will get some pictures for you when i go to the fleamarket this weekend because i left the items there.
i will also be sewing a few things between tonight and tomorrow:
2 half aprons for little girls
1 full apron for a little girl
an oven mitt for a little girl
and finishing a diaper bag that i have been making probably for as long as my friend has been pregnant haha

as for my sewing class: when i went to the shop on saturday, the shop was closed. i guess when i missed last saturday she announced that itd be closed and i missed the memo. that reminds me... i have to call to find out about this saturday =P

so i finished school on monday and celebrated tuesday with another patch on my sleeve =)
remember the goofy little drawing of a candle i put back in this post...
well again, i am glad my artist (alex @ red skull tattoo) can translate my kindergarden drawings into awesome permanent art!
 this was the first time i had to be positioned laying down to get the spot i wanted tatted on my arm. my arms were sore the next day from laying like this lol... it was just under an hour but i stay pretty tense during a tat so im thinking thats why i was hurting the next day.
 and it begins...
 i was becoming smurfette =P

 why i chose blue : to remind me that while i am often burning the candle at both ends more often than i should, i need to remain:

calm, relaxed, loveable, optimistic, lively, joyful, calm, warm, giving, approachable, feminine, (like) water, tranquil, stable, strong, healthy, and dependable
 thanks again to Alex for more awesome art! i am so excited to be building on my canvas
cant wait until next time!
(the next one will be a piece for my grandpa... tossing around ideas still)

Lily Bean


  1. The tat looks great! Yay of the end of the semester!

    1. thanks! i keep staring at my arm like a goof ball
      2 1/2 weeks until next semester starts