Saturday, May 26, 2012

i adore theadore

oh dear! it happened again... another trip to the emergency vet
in fact it has happened twice since that first terrifying night 2 months ago.

two weeks ago when i returned home from the fleamarket, i found thea with her muzzle swollen. i popped 50mg bendryl in her throat and threw her in the car.
the emergency vet is still sure it was a bug bite and said i have on my hands, a hypersensitive pup. it could even be an ant 
 when i took her for  a follow up at her vet they told me to keep all treats and see if she reacts to her food, then gradually reintroduce treats.
(here she is at her follow up)

 i have done what the vet recommended and no change.
i am positive it has nothing to do with food

and then about 630 today i woke to a sick and swollen little face again
again with the benadryl and a trip to the emergency
when i got to the vet there was 3 techs there who assured me she was breathing fine and the swelling was not obstructing her airway
they said i did best by giving her the benadryl and it was my decision to go home and keep an eye on her or see the vet for a steroid shot.
i trusted she was okay and the benadryl would kick in
so i came on home and stared at her until we both fell back to sleep
here she is about 4pm today, resting on my uncle's foot
you can still see her muzzle a bit swollen
 she looks almost 100% normal now and has been eating and drinking and going potty normal... she is just very tired
and even though i slept most of the day, i am tired too!

i never did explain how she got her name...
when she wandered into my front yard that morning, she was found a matted little ball of fur. she really looked like a bear
a teddy bear
teddy short for theodore
i love the song "i adore theodore" by the chubbies
he is really a she
THEODORA it is, thea for short
she is the dog that melted my fear of dogs away!

 now, just to figure out what she is allergic to
i am adding that to the top of my to do list
also, going to treat their potty area and yards for buggies

speaking of things to do...
i have 1 week left until school starts
then it is 5 weeks of school, work, eat, shower, sleep, repeat
followed by 5 more weeks of 2 internet courses
i will then have a short break before starting the fall semester and actually starting the program courses

i have been reviewing tons of youtube tutorial videos for properly marking and sewing from patterns. i been trying to squeeze my dress into my schedule but sleep has been calling out my name much stronger

right now my pillow is screaming for me to lie down again
alarm set for thea's benadryl dose at midnight
if anyone has any guesses i am open to hearing them
time to rest my head

Lily Bean
and a smiling thea-pup

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