Sunday, January 8, 2012

adventures in end of year clearance

i had some fun shopping this weekend at end of year clearance sales. for those of you who do not know it yet, i am quite frugal with my money. don't get me wrong, i get things for myself and those i love al the time. i am just a different breed of shopper from most people my age.

so my first awesome score this weekend was on febreze products. now i always cut coupons from the sunday paper. i cut for thing i need, want, and might try if the price is right. i always keep them in my purse so when a moment i right i am ready to strike. i love febreze products but usually only buy the fabric refreshers because i can't justify the price in to my budget otherwise.
while at walmart i happened to notice all the christmas scents of febreze products on clearance.

i got 3 fabric refreshers, 4 air refreshers, 2 noticeables bonus packs, and 1 candle
all for

and the best thing is, the pups approve =P

in fact, shortly after this photo, thea claimed all the febreze as her own. she was growling and penny began crying. it was too funny! i had to put the products away so they would stop.

this afternoon i went to the mall just to browse the sales. i walked in through the dilliard's entrance and almost cried as i passed the shoes... i saw these 2 drool-worthy betsey johnson pumps on sale for $80
there is no way i could shell out $80 for 1 pair of shoes... no matter how adorable! but it did break my heart to leave them behind

i then went into payless shoes (much more my price range). i have been eyeing these shoes and had been hoping they would be part of the end of season clearance. but they are still full price =(
so i saw some super cute skimmer flats that were only $9 but they were 1/2 size too big. i asked and the employee found a pair in my size at a different store and put them on hold for me. she then gave me a coupon for $4 off and i snagged these shoes
they were only

i stopped into hot topic which was having the "take an extra 50% off clearance items" sale. i almost bought 2 pairs of punky pants. i then reminded myself that i am moving out of that look, put them down, and moved on to the beauty products.
i got these 2 purple nail polishes for
99cents each

i stopped in to the jewelry box where i got 4 rings, 2 pairs of earrings, and a hair clip for
these pink cheetah earrings are made of plastic. theyre pretty big but very light and these earrings are made of shell and shaped to look like leaves
i love these huge flower and cheetah staetment rings
found this feather ring very interesting. it slides onto 2 fingers couldn't leave without the skull and cross bones <3
and this hairclip was a total impulse grab while at the register

after this i stopped into k-mart where i found this cute simple button up shirt on clearance
i looove the feminie details!
tie a bow around your waist 
 and look at these adoarble sleeves!

last stop on my way home was at target. i fell in love with this gorgeous bold red cloche hat but i think it will go lower on clearance soon so i will just keep an eye on it
i usually dont buy anything that isn't 75% off but i could not help myself today! i have a hard time finding cardgans that fit as snug as i like them... today i found 3!!! they were 50% off  so it was still a justified purchse. i was only going to pick 1 but i couldn't! and i knew i would regret not getting all 3 since i have so much trouble with fit.
 i got this icy blue one with pretty little jewel embellishments around the top
i snagged this pink one with gorgeous sequin flower burst embellishments on the left
and last (but definitely not least) this black and white cheetah print cardigan
each was $12.95

that just about wraps it up, i love saving moeny while i spend =P

Lily Bean

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