Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adventures in the kitchen...

Hey there! Anyone who knows me, knows I am terrible in the kitchen. Partly because I am intimidated and terrifed, partly because no one has ever really taken the time to help me learn. Growing up my mom mainly had me help stir things, so I will never let you down if you need something stirred haha.

Just last week I was overcome with a true desire to cook! I browsed tons or websites and recipes until I decided on a lasagna dish. I made my shopping list and went out for my ingredients yesterday. I was more than excited to make my meal today. So as I was preparing to cook I realized I do NOT have a lasagna dish to bake in. Oh man! how silly of me to miss such a detail.

Instead I cooked a shrimp and rice dish.

To begin, chop a handful of fresh spinach and  1/4 of a medium sized onion.
Put 4 teaspoons of oil (i use extra virgin olive oil) in a heavy cereamic frying pan on medium heat.
Add 6 garlic cloves pressed and stir as it cooks for about 5 minutes then stir in the spinach and onion. Be sure it all gets coated well with the garlic and oil and let sit for a moment while you get your rice to cook. I added 2 cups of washed white rice to 4 cups of boiling water with some basil, salt, and 4 bay leaves..
Back to the frying pan... add shrimp. I had a pound in a bag. Stir so the shrimp is covered with the oil and veggies. Sprinkle some basil and salt onto the top and let sit for the flavor to come together. After about 2 minutes stir the mixture well.
Now if your rice turned out like it should, you would now be ready to serve rice topped with the shrimp and veggies. Unfortunately, my rice had lost too much steam (i used the wrong pot =/ ... lesson learned, won;t do that again) so I added the whole mixture to the pot to let the juice help it finish cooking.

The meal was not a total loss. In fact, it came out pretty good!
 here is an action shot of me cooking just after adding the shrimp
 have no fear! i bought a lasagna dish today. in fact, i bought a who cooking set. i need the proper tools at hand when i need them, plus they were on sale!
 i love pyrex and it will be great to be able to cook and store the food i make in the same dish
I had tons of fun cooking and my confidence meter went up a whole point when my family approved <3 In fact, i have made it my goal to be the cook on the weekends.
it will give my family a break, help me learn, and help me gain confidence.

wish me luck on my bacon-feta frittata and lasagna i haved planned for tomorrow

Lily B Homemaker

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