Wednesday, January 25, 2012

pretty in pink and cupcake therapy

i have been working from home since early november but had to go to campus to make phone calls and faxes. i finally received my work cell phone and hardly ever need to send faxes. so i decided it was time to bring back my pink hair
 i added 4 good size chunk panels and did all my ends
i missed my pink hair so much! so happy to be me again!
my Singer heavy duty model went haywire yesterday =( it will be about $30 to get fixed
the bright side of this is that i found out the sewng center is having sewing classes geared towards using commercial patterns! isn't that perfect! i am in the right place in my life and in my sewing adventures for this 4 week saturday class. it will really help me bring my new year's resolution to life.i start last week of february

i relaxed after work today and baked some yummy cupcakes.
they are orange cake mix...
 with caramel frosting...
 and sprinkles!
oh boy! what a treat!

hope they pleased your eyes as much as they did my tummy...
Lily Bean

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