Tuesday, January 3, 2012

big plans to destash

well, as part of a New Year January challenge i went through all of my fabric stash to reorganize and take note of what i have to make plans for this year's projects.
boy! that was quite the overwhelming task!
i have so much fabric but i am sure i can squeeze a few more cuts into my closet <3
hoarding like a true crafster!
so the plan is to (TRY to) avoid buying more fabric until i have used a good amount of these piles for my projects this year
so i decided the best way to remind myself of this would be to photograph my piles and write out some plans

on to the pictures i snapped and the plans i have for each stack...
(mind you, what you are about to see does not include my interfacing, vinyl, batting, unwashed fabric, fabric scraps, and whatever else was too cute for me to leave the craft store without =P)

these fleece and flannel pieces are big enough to become pj capris or pants

all these flannel pieces are only enough to be shorts or maybe get thrown into a quilt
as hard as it is to pick, i am most in love with the pbj fabric

these 2 cotton weaves are set to be shorts. the toy story is for my nephews and the glittery unicorns for myself. oh man! glitter and unicorns in one <3

all of these are fat quarters that i purchased 2 of and plan to make a simple short skirt with... 2 fat quarters give me just enough fabric for  an elastic waistband  skirt.

these 2 sets are 4 fat quarters each and im planning on making more of a pleated type of short skirt. i have yet to attempt that style so we shall see what it becomes.

all 3 of these are corduoroy and will be fall skirts... im guessing by next fall hahah
the red polka dot one may be enough to become a dress... only time will tell

all of these are poised to be skirts of different lengths and styles. most are cotton weaves but a few are jersey knits

this pile...

... this pile...

... and this pile will all become dresses. i will be playing with the jersey knits until i perfect my fit. then i will go to my cotton weaves.

the rest i have no absolute plans for, they can become anything still
they are all 1/2 a yard or more. most will probably become tote bags or kitchen sets but i am sure i will hijack some from these groups for myself

any ideas? any favorite fabric patterns?

love and fabric
Lily Bean

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