Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I was featured! Hooray! (and sewing class update)

Every Tuesday for the last few months I have been adding a link over at a law student's journey. Kitty hosts "Tute Tuesday" where anyone can share a tutorial, recipe, or how-to. At the next week, Kitty names the link with the most hits and highlights a few feautured links.

Go ahead, check it out... i was featured!

it made my day... week... no month. HOORAY!

on to the update of my sewing class:

here are my shorts all cut and ready.
this saturday in class i start assembling the dress and shorts.

i missed last saturday. i had to be in my cpr class which was a lot less fun. but i did not miss much. the other students were learning how to use their sewing machines and sew straight lines and i am already good with that.

so i may be MIA for the next 2 weeks...
here is my end of semester schedule:
this friday: respiratory test
next friday: turn in project (i chose necrotizing fascitis) poster board, powerpoint presentation, and 5 minute speech
monday may 7th: anatomy/physiology final

then i will have a few weeks open before school hits me hard
and i plan on crafting the heck out of those weeks!

wish me luck!
Lily Bean

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