Saturday, April 14, 2012

sewing class adventures week 1

well, FINALLY my sewing class started today
hip hip hooray
hip hip hooray
hip hip hooray

i felt so nervous while getting ready. it was like my first day of kindergarden again
there are 4 of us in the class and everyone is really nice. i got permission to take pictures next class for my blog.

today we learned how to measure properly. (im pretty sure my problem was that i was not measuring right when picking my patterns). we also placed the pattern pieces on the fabric then double checked they fit well before cutting
(this is the pattern i chose)

today my measurements in inches were as follows:
bust 32.5
high bust 30.5
waist 25.5 (my real waist, not where i were my low riding pants haha)
hips 37 (whoa! almost 12" bigger than my waist... genetics)
arms 27.5 (from spine to shoulder, shoulder to elbox, elbow to wrist)
shoulders 16
back 15.5
inseam 15.5
leg 36
crotch 9.5 (sitting on a flat surface, from true waist to surface)

since i will be missing next week's class (i have to take that CPR class for my college requirements) the teacher hung out with me today to keep me caught up for when i return in 2 weeks.

I had 3 yards of the fabric but (as a result of poor measuring prior to today) i needed a bit more. i was super bummed when i saw i could not fit all i needed to cut on my material. my teacher came over to help and suggested i make the lower part of the bodice a solid color.
why had i not thought of that before?!?!
i decided a bright yellow would make the flowers on the dress pop even more

now i am even more stoked for this to come together

as is customary in any class, we were assigned homework:
1) read the instructionson how to assemble your piece
2) begin constructing another article of clothing using what we have learned

miss Rachel suggested i make something with a pocket or a collar so i can come across questions for her.
i decided to make McCall's M6328 in view E on this fun, colorful print
the challenge will be the zipper and pockets

i finished cutting some of my pattern pieces at home and i had some help =P
i think Theodora wants to learn to sew as well

Lily Bean


  1. Awesome! I'm new at sewing too, I kind of wing it, but would love to learn the correct way to do things, lol. Can't wait to see your piece when it's all finished!

    1. i have been winging it for too long now but that limited what i can make. im sure learning the right way will open may doors for us <3 you should look into classes in your area. its also a great way to meet fellow crafters in your area =)

  2. Wow. Go you! Maybe someday i'll pay you to make me some dresses instead of trying to shop for them. ;)

    1. thanks =) i am having so much fun with this