Tuesday, April 17, 2012

it's a good news kind of day

hello! hello!
I have had a pretty good day
for starters, i had to retake my placement tests for school. my appointment was at 0830 for math and essay. i started work at 0615 because i wanted plenty of time to be sure my brain was awake and to eat a good breakfast. i was so nauseated while waiting to be sat in the testing room. i paid extra attention to my essay since i had previously scored too low when i tested in February. i followed all the tips that my friends, family, and tutor had given me and i am proud to say


i could have cried when i found out! i had been so nervous
so now all i have left  is my CPR class this Saturday then i can see my counselor next week to complete ranking for my degree plan. i start this fall and graduate june 2014

also, i checked my bank online and see that my tax refund is scheduled to be in my account come tomorrow morning. i will first pay for tuition and put some aside for school books but i have some left over after that. i contacted my tattoo artist and will see him tomorrow to discuss my next 2 tattoos and set appointments.

i hope to get one on friday (if he has an opening) and the other in 2 weeks. i will keep you posted, of course!
so i finished sketching out the 2 tats just now. let me remind you: i am no artist. good thing is, my artis is good at taking what looks like an 8 year old drew it and making it awesome.

first i want to get a bough of holly. i will have it colored green and red, naturally.
i will put this on my right forearm just in front of the crook of my elbow
 and then in 2 weeks i want to get a candle burning at both ends. i have reserched the meaning behind different colors and decided to color this piece blue. i will put it on either arm just below where the elbow bone sticks out. i am pretty scared of the pain in this area. wish me luck!
 if you are wondering why i chose blue it is to remind me that while i am often burning the candle at both ends more often than i should, i need to remain:

calm, relaxed, loveable, optimistic, lively, joyful, calm, warm, giving, approachable, feminine, (like) water, tranquil, stable, strong, healthy, and dependable

and since i have uploaded cell phone pictures that i took today, i decided to include this picture of my sweet hearts sleeping in a heart formation
arent they so cute!

Lily Bean


  1. Congratulations on passing! I can't wait to see your new tats. What is the meaning behind the holly?

    1. thanks! that was the most test anxiety i have ever had.

      i want the holly for the love of christmas =) my cousin laughed so hard yesterday when he asked me that too. i have always been a bit obsessed with holly and when i was a kid i would draw them on everything. i loved when christmas rolled around because holly was appropriate to be drawn everywhere

    2. I love holly, too! I still draw it all the time! :D

  2. Awww...they made a little heart as well. That just shows how much they love one another. Dogs are such pack animals. It reminds me of my babies (dogs that is).

  3. thanks girls =) they really do love each other. they are good sisters <3