Monday, April 30, 2012

First weekend @ fair = success

Howdy! I don't think I had previously mentioned that I would be selling my good at the I10 fleamarket and fair. The grand opening was this past weekend and it was a success. Naturally, still some gliches to be worked out but I am sure it will be super awesome in no time.
I had a great time meeting new people and selling things.
I wanted to highlight not only my area but also a few of my neighbors so you can see

here's some pictures from the booth i am at with my uncle. he makes jewelry, fimo clay things, paintings, and also brought out some of his collectibles to sell.

Across from us in an art school. Your kiddos can try it out for a few bucks and if they like can sign up for art classes or art summer camp.

Another neighbor across is selling his line of clothing "Q'bo" (check out their site here). They have some funny shirts and cute workout clothes.

 (I personally love the style of the back of this top)

and our next door neighbor does metal working. these things are so pretty. he does amazing work!
 this is my favorite piece! it is a planter made to look like a swing set. and it does swing =D
 He has angels made to hold your long glass candles. these are so cute! i love the swirly wings
 he can make these tables for any team, any sport, or even custom orders. they have a trash can and a place for your cold beverage of choice
 my household with own one of these by the end of the month. it is designed to hold your jalapenos upright for roasting in the oven or on your grill. perfect for any stuffed jalapeno recipe!

  and check out these versions of the table he makes. this one is a gorgeous mosaic (perfect for mother's day... *cough*cough*)
 and this one with bottle caps (perfect for father's day)
 If you are one of my local readers feel free to come by and support your local artists.
And if you are one of my distant readers: these guys ship =) I will be sure to get contact info for you. Let me know if you are interested.

I will be at the fleamarket on the weekends now (studying between customers). I did not make it to my sewing class on Saturday but i will start sewing my dress this week and continue next Saturday.

Speaking of my sewing: I was wearing one of my aprons around the swap and got 3 special orders from other vendors! pretty neat!

So here i am, in major crunch time! my presentation (I decided to do necrotizing facitis... yummy) for anatomy class is due this Friday. wish me luck! and finals a week from today... wish me more luck.
then 4 weeks of free time!

til then,
Lily Bean
(ps... thats the apron that got me sales. everyone loved how it looks like a skirt and the pockets hold well)

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