Friday, April 13, 2012

mini pillbox hats and fuschia lipstick love

Howdy! I have been a bit overwhelmed with school and life these days. I have 2 placement tests scheduled this coming Thursday and a CPR class scheduled next Saturday. After those I should be ready to start my degree plan classes this Fall and have a bit more time freed up for a few weeks at least.
My sewing class was pushed back 2 weeks so tomorrow is my actual first day. I am super stoked about that!

I have not taken the pictures yet to make a tutorial for you for the mini pillbox hats but I wanted to show your the 2 that i have made.

 this one is blue nautical themed surrounded by anchors, ships, and "bon voyage" signs:

This one i made is pink with fuschia flowers:

These are super fun, easy, and addicting!
I will do my best to get you a tutorial ASAP!

While i was getting ready for my pillbox photoshoot i discovered my LOVE for pink lipstick

I don't know why i was terrified for years. i never thought my coloring could pull it off. and now i don't want to take it off! it feels just like the first time when i wore red lipstick <3
problem is, i was playing in my aunt's make-up when i found this color. i have NO idea where she got it, what brand it may be (probably dollar store though), or even how old it is... and now when it is gone, i won't know where to get a replacement =(

what do you think of the pink lips? any suggestions for similar lipstick colors to buy? i'm a drugstore/avon kind of girl but would be willing to spend more if i feel this cute
*Lily Bean *

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