Saturday, December 1, 2012

18 months and counting

Hi everyone!
I am almost done with this semester! Only 2 weeks left. These last few weeks have been major crunch time and I haven't had any time for any fun at all. I want cookies so bad but have been to busy to be able to bake. I will try to squeeze some in tomorrow. I just keep reminding myself I am almost on break and can sew and bake around the clock until next semester.

So this coming week I have a Pharmacology test, Literature test, and test in Health Information Management. I may also have a test in Computers in Healthcare but am not sure yet.
Then the following week I have a final in Health Info and Computer in Healthcare.
Then I am done!!!!

The scheduling really stinks trying to squeeze in studying for all these tests followed right by the finals. I always feel crazed at the end of a semester and my mind feels like I can't take any more information in. I was so excited this morning when I realized not only that I knew the date but that it was Decemenber 1st! You know what that means! Another link of the chain gets torn off!
That leaves only 18... EIGHTEEN! For a moment I thought "That can't be right". Then I realized 2013 is 30 days away.
I have never been happier to have time fly.

 I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Black Friday. I enjoyed two consecutive Thanksgiving meals that rendered me unable to move for a few hours. I was good by the time I went out shopping. On Thursday I went to Kmart 8A but the joys of Black Friday really started when i went to Walmart 8P.


Friday I went to Michaels at 7A then to Kohl's and Petsmart. At 2P I went back out to Joann's and then Comp USA. I am super proud of my perfomance this year and happy to say I got everything on my list and that anyone in my family asked I get while on my adventures. I think this was my most successful Black Friday ever!
Of course I didn't come home empty handed... my girls were super happy to get these massive rawhides! It was hilarious to watch them teeter-tottering around the house trying to balance these. Penny was crying because she couldn't figure out where to hide such a large chew.

Well I better get back to making my flashcards and studying for all these tests.
Thanks for hanging with me even when I am too busy to be interesting.

Lily Bean



  1. Your dogs are so cute with those large bones. :-) I missed out on black friday (thanks work), but it sounds like you had fun!

    1. thanks =) sorry you missed out. i'll work thanksgiving just to get black friday off when i have to haha. it's my favoraite day