Friday, December 7, 2012

Finals Just Around the Corner... and I Have Zero Attention Span

Hey there!

I have finished my Pharmacology and Literature finals but do not know my grade yet. I think I can safely say both classes should be A's. Next week I have my HIM and Computers in Health Care finals. I am most terrified of my HIM final on Monday and will feel better when it has passed. I currently hold a 96 in that class but must do well on my final to hold my A.

So needless to say I should be studying right now... but I have no attention span and I think after I blog some thoughts I may be able to focus more.

Today I received a suprise care package in the mail! It was the sweetest thing <3


2 packs of Chips Ahoy, plenty of Starbucks (christmas blend, hibiscus refresher, and peppermint mocha mixes), plus a calendar for next year, a cute retro coffee sign, and a card signed by my loves! do they know me, or do they know me??
I was so happy it brought tears to my eyes.
... a bit of relief from the stress of finals

I can't wait for finals to pass so I can finish my decorating and start my crafting

By this time of year I am usually way past done decorating and mostly done crafting and wrapping.I still need to assemble my light-up Santa in a airplane that I keep in the living room, none of my crafting has been started, I have not even wrapped one gift to put under the tree, and I still have 3 packages that need to be shipped out. One of those packages is going to my dad and contains his birthday and Christmas... his birthday is 2 weeks from today =/

I haven't even begun crafting any of my homemade gifts for this year yet. So much to do... Good thing I work well under pressure.

Plus I want to sew up a holly dress for Christmas.


I have some flannel and want to make three cozy winter dresses with it as well.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Now that I have patterns and fabric I have no time!

I have not had any chance of baking cookies since deciding I want to bake a different batch ever weekend. I should be good to take that back up next weekend.

One tradition I personally have for as long as I can remember is wearing a Christmas shirt every day after Black Friday until Christmas. I have quite the collection. I will try to take a picture of my elf style every day and share my shirts with you. Thankfully (since I have to get dressed no matter how busy I am haha) I have not had to break this habit this year.

Many of the blogs I am reading are covering Christmas wish lists and memories, I will blog about both in the near future and would love to hear about yours.

Lily Bean


  1. Good luck on your finals! I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award. Thanks for the great posts!