Sunday, December 30, 2012

Liebster Blog Award - Thanks Cherie!

Wowwie! I was nominated for another Liebster Blog Award!
Thanks to Cherie over at The Sewing Lab!
She nominated my blog at the beginning of this month. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to the nomination. You know me, always burning the candle at both ends...
So I am finally sitting here and taking time to catch up on blogging
The rules are:
Link to the blogger who awarded you and follow their blog... CHECK
Blog about the award... CHECK
Give the award to 5 other bloggers, preferably with less than 200 followers...
Answer 11 questions asked by the the blogger who nominated you and give 11 questions to the bloggers you award...

So here are my questions as asked by Cherie:

1. What is your favorite project that you have made?
I think so far the most treasured piece I have made would have to be the Christmas dress I just finished. I adore everything about it! The style, the print, the fit, and the way I feel in it. But one piece that I hold dear to my heart would have to be the first dress I ever made because my Bempa inspired me to do so. I am attached to it because of the sweet memory it will always hold of when my Bempa said "Okay mija, it's nice that you can make skirts but I think it's time to challenge yourself with a dress. You can do it". It is far from perfect, but I wonder how long I would just keep making skirts had my Bempa not pushed me to better myself.

2. What was the most frustrating project you have tackled?
My most frustrating project would have to be an attempt at T-shirt recons, but I never tackled it and it never made it into the blogosphere. I only discovered I am terrible at recons. The most frustrating thing I have tackled will probably have to be learning to cook. I am still not as creative in the kitchen as I could hope to be but I have learned so much this last year and built up plenty of courage and enthusiasm for the art of cooking. I know if I keep challenging  myself I will only improve and I am no longer scared of some fails as I learn how to be a success. You have no idea how scared I really was when I decided I needed to finally suck it up and get in the kitchen. I am getting too old to always have people cooking for me haha. A girl can only live off of Top Ramen and Pop Tarts for so long.

3.What kinds of crafts do you do?
I sew and paint with puffy paint. I am trying to get better at hand embroidery and loom knitting and I am trying to find the time to learn to knit and crochet.

4. Where do you go for craft supplies?
I frequent Joanns and try to shop mostly from red tags unless there's a great sale. I also get alot of fabric from WalMart and check tehir clearance as well. Sure, plenty of the fabric is thin and crappy but if you really look you can find some cheap treasures. Once in a while I will get some from Hobby Lobby but it's usually too expensive for  my college girl budget. I get yarn from Michael's and WalMart and don't mind the cheap stuff since I am still just learning. I will occasionally find some cool yarn on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I buy buttons anywhere I spot one I can't go home without.

5. What is your favorite fabric to work with?
I have never tried anything outside of regular quilting fabric cotton weaves. I suppose it is safe to say it is my comfort zone. I know what to expect and how it will behave. I hope to be confident enough to try something slinkier soon.

6. How big is your fabric stash and do you have specific plans for all of it?  Some of it?
*GULP* I don't dare open the "fabric" closet until I am ready to organize it. I will need to do that in the New Year and before school starts back up mid-January. I promise o photograph the beast!

7. How many patterns are on your "to sew" list?
Oh dear! I have a spreadsheet saved with at least 50 that I own and at least 50 more I want to buy. I love patterns!!

8. Do you sew/craft for yourself or for other people more often?
I sew and craft mostly for myself right now. I make gifts for people for birthdays and Christmas but in general I'm currently a very selfish crafter. When I hole myself up for 16 weeks of studies I can't wait to bust out and reward myself with new things to make. Since I don;t have much time right now, most of my efforts go to myself.

9. Do you sell your items?
I have sold my items before but I don't live in a very crafty or artsy town so I would benefit more from Etsy. I started a shop but don't have time to run it so long as I am in school. But I do have friends and family who have bought from me.

10. How did you learn to sew?
When I was very young my grandma showed me how to sew by hand and I took to it quickly. I made doll and Barbie clothes mostly. The biggest project I made at that age by hand was a small quilted pillow with the word WELCOME embroidered on it. I gave it to my baby cousin when she was born (She is 18  now). I wish I had a picture of it. I am not sure if it is still in existence but I have the memory and that matters most.
When I really began to learn further was 2 years ago when I finally took to my sewing machine. That was when I began this blog and now thje rest in history.

11. What is your next project?
I am in the middle of making a simple fleece jacket.


 Then I want to make a flannel dress and some gloves before getting back to school. Hopefully even more than that!
Well I may need to choose my 5 nominees at a later time... and develop my 11 questions for them too.
Until then...
Lily Bean
p.s. these are the boots I bought with my Christmas money from Bempa. Aren't they cool!



  1. Happy new year! Thanks so much for your super sweet comment you left on my blog the other day, I really appreciated it. Wishing you lots of happy sewing times in 2013 xx

  2. Congratulations on your award, Lily! I always enjoy reading your blog. I just bought that very same jacket pattern!
    Your Bempa sounds amazing.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much =D I found the jacket a little less than simple but I managed.