Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We need to play catch up...

Hi everyone! Well we have some catching up to do. I am finished with finals and just found out i got A's in all 4 classes!! So awesome! I kept my 4.0. Time to celebrate...
I have 4 weeks of winter break!
So now I am preparing for my next "end-of-semester-tuition-reimbursement-tattoo". I will be getting a cartoon '57 Chevy Bel Air on my left lower arm.
Hoping to be able to get it before my winter break is over but it all depends on my tuition reimbursement.
I have washed and ironed 2 loads of fabric. I have never been happy to iron so much! For one, I was excited to finally use my new iron and two I was so happy to finally have time for crafting.

Of course I can't show you anything I am crafting that is a Christmas gift until it has been received. But as soon as I am done making my gifts I can start on my Christmas dress. Today I finally decided on Butterick B5603 View A in this holly material with red accents.
I have taken a few Xmas outfit pictures but dealing with all the issues of this past week I have forgotten to snap pix on most days.
"Hey Santa I may be bad but I'm so good at it". This shirt has enough green glitter to last a lifetime! I love it! 

I paired it with my tan corduroy mini and my super thick knit winter leggings. They are just like a sweater for my legs. And they have adorable sprakly snowflakes all over.
How fun is this top! Happy Bunny as a "Gangster Wrapper". I did not get a full outfit picture when wearing this shirt (it was the night of my final) but I promise the rest was bland anyways. Just black tights with a burgandy corduroy mini.
I usually don't wear this shirt very much but I fell in love with it paired with this polka dot skirt.
This is a close-up of the candy cane heart rhinestone design.
and an artsy shot of my skirt =P
And lastly (for now) my snowman shirt. I love this outfit <3
Well that wraps up this post. I will follow up with a post with 2 recipes and another post where I answer the questions offered by Cherie over at The Sewing Lab who nominated me for The Liebster Blog Award. Hooray!! (Thanks again Cherie).
Here's a picture of a thick icicle from a drippy hose (no one knew it was even dripping before the freezing night haha). They say we may be in for rain mixed with snow tomorrow... Looks like Jack Frost may finally be here to bring winter.
Baby It's Cold Outside!
Lily Bean

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