Monday, December 17, 2012

A Very Somber Week

I have had so been trying to write since Finals but it has been a terrible week and although I have been accomplishing some crafting and cooking I have felt writer's block. I think I feel the need to take a moment of silence for the tragedy in Connecticut. My heart breaks for all the families affected. I know our whole nation is in mourning and feels the same as me.

I have never even been half way to the east coast.
I do not know anyone in the area.
I just know that babies lives were cut tragically short in a devastating act of pure evil.
Since the moment I heard of the heinous events I have been trying to find a way to give back. I know I can bring no peace to these broken families, but I can show some support. I have seen an address going around facebook where condeolences can be sent. It is a small act but at least it will be a show of support, love, and kindness.
I thought I would post this information here in case some of you have not yet seen it and would like to send something as well.

The U.S. Postal Service has established an address where people can send letters of condolence to the people of Newtown. Here is the address:

Message of Condolence
PO Box 3700
Newtown, CT 06470

I also had a death in my family last Tuesday. I lost a cousin. He lost a battle with alcohol. I am devastated at the news because he was always so driven. I never knew him to be sad or mad. Recent happenings in life had resulted in this 180 and it was only months before he was gone. He was laid to rest yesterday.

I am glad the week is behind us and know that now as a nation we need to begin healing.

Lily Bean

May all the souls lost rest in peace.

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