Saturday, December 8, 2012

Xmas Outfit Day 1 and More Fabric

Hi everyone!
Well My goal is to write and post this in 10 minutes. I have to get to bed to be up by 6A tomorrow so I can get to a craft fair. ( I promise, I will have my 700 million flash cards with me. I will just be there in case help is needed).

I just wanted to share my Christmas shirt and outfit from today:
I wore my pink "I Love Frosty" t-shirt
I paired it with a tan corduroy mini skirt and striped purple tights.

I love funky tights! These have sparkles in some of the stripes!! Too cool!

Well I went into Joann's today... I really shouldn't have. I barely have the dough I need to finish shopping and shipping for Christmas. But I did. And I bought fabric.
I have a problem.
I recognize this.
Knowing and admitting is half the battle.

What's a girl to do when the red tag and flannel fabric is an extra 50% off?!?!
Of course I had to buy some!
I have no regrets and no buyer's remorse.
I got all of this for $15.06
(1 yard charcoal with girly skulls sweatshirt, 2 yards green and white flannel, 1.5 yards white flannel, 1 1/3 yards fox flannel, and 1 2/3 yards magenta flannel)

Feel free to enroll me in Fabricaholics Anonymous.

Off to bed!
Lily Bean
p.s. I only went 5 mins over the time I wanted to spend right now, hooray!
(I expected worse haha)

p.p.s. Here is a "blooper" picture for you. I was planning on posing with a candy cane but Penelope decided I was holding it up for her to try and grab haha. Needless to explain, I was caught mid-laugh in this shot. Crazy pup.



  1. Your out fit is adorable..I love those tights! Too cute. I hope you're finding time to relax with all that is going on in your world. Breathe in breathe out!
    THe cartoon up their could totally be me. One can never have enough fabric!

    1. thanks so much =)
      Good thing is that after, my last final (this thursday) I have 4 weeks until next semester. I hope to get some awesome crafting in!

      I totally agree! there's no such thing as too much fabric! ;)

  2. Omigosh, I love your tights, and that skull sweatshirt fabric. Definitely thinking about seeing if my JoAnn's still has any left on the sale the little comic too!

    1. thanks =) those are some of my fave. hope you find the fabric! my only regret is not buying more than i did =(
      maybe theyll still have some when i go back lol